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Trotting for Roach

With the wind still blowing hard I decided that the best option would be to stay inland and find sheltered water. Local knowledge told me that roach are amassing in large numbers, getting ready for their spawning run.

The bays of Lough Corrib, and indeed many other lakes around the country, are filling up with prime roach waiting until the river temperatures rise just high enough to signal them to start their run up into the feeder streams. Not just the Corrib though, this scene is replicating itself on many lakes up and down the country, all that’s now needed is the right temperature.

It was with this in mind that I set off for one of the rivers that feeds the mighty Corrib. A fine roach is not to be sniffed at even in trout country, especially when the time of year for catching big ones has all but landed. I figured I would spend the blustery and showery day trotting for roach. The plan was to anchor up in the river and trot maggots under a stick float from the kayak. For this I would need my float gear and centrepin reel.

I fished for a couple of hours sitting through all kinds of weather, trotting the bait downstream accompanied by loose offerings but the roach were not present yet. There was a lot of fry in the river but nothing of any substantial size has started the migratory run just yet. Recent rain and hail have dropped the water temperatures which will knock everything back at least a few days. I’ll have another look on Monday, maybe a rise in water temperatures will see my luck will change then…….

trotting a float downstream

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