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With the summer drawing to a close it was time to travel back to Galway. College recommences next week and that signals the end of the summer’s transient existence.

heading out testing the watersGetting back to the city in the early evening and with the days getting ever shorter, I still reckoned I would be able to sneak an hour out on the water. The weather was perfect; there was little or no wind and the surface of the water was almost perfectly flat. A short trip, I see it as ‘testing the waters’. The return to college will see a new timetable for a new year and with that comes a look at new modules and when they fit into the structure of the week.

Almost as important or more importantly, depending on how you look at it, the new timetable also gives a glimpse at what free time will be afforded to me from week to week. This will of course be used to figure out when I can get the kayak out, for how long and ultimately allow me to plan for what species I can target. Here’s hoping the timetable planners realise the need for good spells of free time and accordingly cram all lectures and labs into the first couple of days of the week. Ha! – some chance of that happening!

Today’s short session was just to get a feel for the bay that I only got to fish a couple of times this summer. I left the shore from a small harbour and headed out to fish over a couple of reefs that were likely to throw up a few fish. Fishing small lures and sets of jigs I managed to connect with fish but the only reward for my efforts were a few rather small pollock which all lived to fight another day. I was surprised not to see sprat scattering as they were being chased by hungry mackerel but the bay is big and the hungry mackerel may well have been hemming them against any of countless miles of shoreline in the area.

The nature of the first week back invariably means that spare time will be presented at least a couple of times so I am now weighing up my options; do I use the spare time to fish in the salt or do I head inland in search of freshwater species? Decisions, decisions!

one of today's small pollock

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