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With a couple of hours to spare before visitors landed for the week I decided to spend the time on the water. With the tide against me I headed for deeper water.

Reaching the launch point I was delighted to be greeted by a glassy bay with not a wave or ripple in sight. This was going to be easy, so I thought. On rounding the point I found the complete opposite; large swells that were fine for drifting and jigging but not the best for dropping anchor and sending baits to the bottom. I took the sensible option and sought out the sheltered water in behind an island where anchoring would be a little more comfortable.

glassy calm

I started out by jigging and that produced the expected few mackerel for bait and a few small pollock for sport. Nothing sizable though as the swell prevented me from getting in too close to the rocks. Once I had a couple of fresh mackerel to use as bait as a compliment to the peeler and sandeel I was carrying it was time to drop anchor.

macks for bait

Settling over an area that was 12 metres deep with a little bit of rough ground adjacent to sand, I dropped anchor and started sending baits to the bottom. I started with some sandeel wrapped in mackerel fillet, bound together with bait elastic. The first bite was tentative and when I lifted into it I felt a couple of head shakes and then everything locked up. No matter how much pressure was applied the hook wouldn’t budge. I suspect a conger had pulled my bait into a snag.

rod buster!

The next few offerings of peeler crab, sandeel, mackerel and combinations of all three produced nothing but dogfish for the hour that I sat over them. I am not a fan of feeding dogfish but at least they kept me busy for the short time I had on the water. I hauled anchor and headed for home and to greet the visitors that had already arrived by the time I made it back.


With a hurricane allegedly approaching due to hit at the weekend, it looks like a trip out on the sea will be off the cards. Inland freshwater fishing is the alternative option; it may even be land based!!!

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