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A couple of hours to spare on a Tuesday afternoon. What do you think I was going to do with those?!?!?!

a rise in the lake bed - a feature that may attract fish

Having not yet been reunited with my full compliment of piking gear and with not enough time to get everything organised for a marine outing, I decided that I would use the couple of hours to have a scout about another area on the Corrib, assessing its potential. Half an hour’s drive from the house, I was ready to hit the water with about an hour of sunlight left in the day.

The plan was just to paddle about in yet another new spot to see could I find any interesting features and, more importantly, any shoals of small fish. I theorise that if you find the bait fish then the pike should not be too far behind. So the hour simply consisted of having a paddle about, keeping an eye on the echo-sounder’s screen.

What I found was many a feature and depths of water reaching down to nine metres. But for all the features and depth, small fish were few and far between. When I did find a couple of meaningful returns, they were right in the middle of a flat, featureless part of the lake bed. I guess these fish hadn’t read the rule book. Whether they were roach, perch of small trout is anybody’s guess.

the single dot hovering off the bottom just left of centre screen is likely a pike or trout

I did notice other single dots just hovering off the bottom from time to time. These were most likely pike or large trout but being honest I don’t think I saw enough there to entice me back to the area in a hurry. Another one struck off the list for the time being.

As I was packing up the van a local gentleman who was walking his dogs approached. He saw the gear and we started chatting. It turned out that he was a taxidermist. Local knowledge is the best knowledge and he did impart a couple of gems. Areas that I will have a good look at when I get the time.

Most of the spots mentioned were right up on the northern end of the lake and not suited to two hour windows due to the driving distance. The information has most definitely been noted though. I won’t get my hands on my piking kit for at least another ten days so in the meantime I think a trip to the salt is in order for the end of this week.

The taxidermist left me declaring, “You must be out of your f*****g mind to be out doing that in this cold!”

Perhaps he has a point but it sure beats daytime television!

a shoal of baitfish show up in an otherwise barren area

The image above features one of the small shoals of fish. The clarity is a little off due to being captured with a phone, not a camera like the others.

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