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A bank holiday weekend had arrived and I was looking forward to some further exploration in the Kingdom that is the scenic county of Kerry in Ireland’s south west.

There was a  particular club meet in Ballinskelligs which I attended briefly on Saturday morning but I feel the less said about that the better.

Sunday was a different day so I headed south in search of waters. A second group of kayak anglers were on the water and were happy for me to join them so I headed in their direction. A newcomer to life in the Kingdom, I seriously underestimated the amount of bank holiday traffic that may be in the area and ended up sitting in a jam for 45 minutes before blowing a fuse (in my head, not the car) and opting for a less crowded alternative.

Hitting the water a lot later than planned I padded out and started jigging hokkais with fish coming immediately. I was hitting mackerel and scad, happy enough because I am looking at the prospect of a day’s shark fishing during the week, assuming the weather plays ball. Mackerel and scad will be handy for bait and chum.

A second rod was employed to catch pollock and after consulting with some local anglers who assured me that the pollock in this area were small I decided to target them with a light 7g lure rod. Even small fish are fantastic fun on a setup like this and after catching a few I called it a day. A couple of fish had to be dispatched after inhaling the lure but they didn’t go to waste and made a fine dinner this evening, flavoured with herbs and lime.

Reasonable pollock

One encouraging thing to note was four other kayak anglers on the water in the same small area, independent of arranged meets. Despite the prevalent nonsense it appears the sport is blossoming with more and more taking to the water on small plastic craft each summer. A very encouraging trend and one that I very much hope continues.

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