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Small Pike, Big Appetite

With the spring weather returning the in form of strong winds and showers it was time to beat a hasty retreat to some sheltered freshwater ponds. Just an excuse to get out for a couple of casts.

Letting a small pike wear itself outFirst cast happened to strike fish as it happened. I am sometimes suspicious because an early fish can signal a slow session at times and hopefully this would not be the case. I traveled light with just a handful of lures. I settled into the reeds of the first pond I had chosen and cast to the edges of the growing lily stems. First cast and I was into a spirited jack pike. Not put off by its size the pike had seized the Biwaa Divinator and was easily subdued.

A couple of casts later and a coarse angler appeared. I left him following a short chat; I didn’t want to disturb his swim. On I ventured through the system of ponds and stopped to cast here and cast there. I tried a combination of lures but nothing seemed to entice a bite since the first cast. The omen was becoming true!

another case of small pike, big appetiteI moved onto another pond on the system and switched back to the Biwaa Divinator. Almost immediately I started to hit fish again. If it’s not broken then don’t fix it! I kept fishing the lure for the rest of the day and hit a total of four small pike. Nothing hectic and nothing huge but great fun all the same and all fish fell to the Biwaa Divinator, a lure that is becoming one of my firm favourites.

An interesting lure, it combines the properties of a soft plastic with a spinning blade built into the tail. It must be the combination of the vibrations from the spinning blade and the action of the soft plastic body that makes it effective. It caught fish for me on a day when I couldn’t with other lures and it has been successful on the last three outings for me.

I don’t know when I will get out with the forecast the way it is but I am looking forward to the session. There’s a half gallon of maggots in the bait fridge and the roach are getting ready to run.

Another small pike to the Biwaa Divinator

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