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After a very busy few weeks finishing up college and training for my summer post with the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation, I finally managed to get a short session of quality fishing in.

I returned to Galway from Kilrush early this afternoon, hoping to get out onto the water. Life had other ideas and a couple of hours worth of work had to be completed to meet a deadline. That done and with a couple of hours of daylight left in the day I pointed the van westwards and headed into Connemara to cast lures.

With the tide fully out I settled on a rough patch of ground that lay just beyond a small harbour which facilitated easy launching of the Tarpon 140. Despite the sky taking on a very moody appearance, the sea was relatively calm with just a lazy swell rolling in over the rocky shoreline. I headed out of the harbour and paddled a short distance before staring to work the artificial baits.

I was using soft plastic worm and sandeel imitations rigged up with Cox & Rawle Uptide Extra hooks. A drilled bullet above the hook completed the set up and the intention was to cast the lures and retrieve them slowly, using jerky movements of the rod to impart action to the soft plastics in an attempt to bring them to life and hopefully tricking a few fish into biting. I didn’t have to wait long!

one of a few small pollack that were willing to hit the lures

Within the first five casts I could feel fish pulling the sandeels as I slowly wound them back towards me. Before long the rod arched over and I was into the first fish of the evening, a pretty little pollack that gave a good account of itself and after being admired and subjected to a photograph it was returned to the water to fight another day.

Another couple of pollack followed in quick succession and then, as I was reeling back an imitation worm the rod really arched over. Convinced that I had hook a much bigger pollack, I kept the strain on as it gave back as good as it got. When I managed to get it to the surface I could then see that the fish was in fact a small ballan wrasse. These little guys really fight hard and give the appearance of being much bigger then they really are. As always, after a quick photograph it disappeared into the depths with a defiant flick of its tail.

The rest of the session continued as it began, pollack and wrasse hitting the lures with gusto. With a dozen or so fish, the time on the water was no more than an hour. A short session but a sweet one. Hard fighting fish on lures is a very enjoyable way to spend time, regardless of the size of the fish. A quick excursion; short and sweet!

ballan wrasse, what they lack in size they make up for in attitude!

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