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I was still seeking rougher weather to test the new Thresher 155 from Wilderness Systems. Conditions were delivered yesterday in spades and repeated today with 25 knot onshore winds.

climatic conditions on the dayPerfect testing conditions, borderline certifiable perhaps but exactly what I had been looking for. I missed out on the Tuesday but for very good reason – rigging. I had hoped to get to work over the weekend when back in the east of the country but I could not find the parts that I was looking for in any of the shops that I visited. I was soon alerted to the fact that River Deep Mountain High in Galway would be able to help me out. After picking the bits out that I needed I was all set and headed home to drill holes in a new kayak.

I won’t go into the rigging in detail here, that is for another day. What I did do was install a couple of flush mount rod holders. The ample flat space behind the seat of the Thresher 155 will allow at least another mount to be fitted on either side which will probably be taken up with straight mounts, allowing me to carry a couple of extra rods thus increasing my options on the water. I also fitted an anchor trolley, an experimental design for me which I will explain in detail at a later date. The last major bit of rigging undertaken yesterday was the mounting of the echo sounder to the FlexPod OS. We are all ready to get out fishing!

part of the new anchor trolley

ample space for extra accessories

The echo sounder installationFishing was certainly not going to happen in today’s conditions but I still took the boat to a local beach and launched into the headwind, just to get a feel for the boat in challenging conditions. With strong winds the open sea would have been complete madness but where I launched, back in one of the bay’s recesses, the sting had been taken out of the conditions with breakers of three feet or so to be tackled. Not a bother to the Thresher 155; up and over the peaks without even trying, rolling down the other side of them into the trough and then up and out the far side again. No problems with the breakers.

Sitting side on, not recommended in very rough conditions, was still more than doable. At no time did the kayak feel unstable and at no point was I even close to tipping it. Super stability is present in spades in this boat. I spent the next short while riding in waves and surfing the boat a little. Immense fun. Now that I know the boat can handle some dirty conditions and is rigged for fishing I am looking forward to getting out and giving the Thresher a good go at what it is designed for – fishing.

I finish work early tomorrow and don’t have to be back in until Tuesday!

never looks as bad in an image


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