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Return of the Mack!

I had to bring auld Betsy to the NCT today for her test. She passed with flying colours so I decided to go fishing in the afternoon to see if a good morning would herald some luck.

I really should have gone fishing in the morning. Or yesterday. It was glassy yesterday as can be seen in the image above. There was a stiff breeze blowing as I set up on the shore but undeterred I launched onto the water for the first time in quite a few weeks. How I had missed it! I had with me fresh peeler crab and I was looking forward to doing battle with some monsters from the deep.

Live peeler crab

As it turned out, I was launching into a 15 knot (approx 30km) westerly which was gusting up to 20 knots (approx 40km). Having not been on the water for a while I decided that I wouldn’t be comfortable anchoring up in those conditions so I abandoned the plan to anchor and fish crab baits. They will keep fine for another while in my bait fridge, I should get a chance to use a few of them during the coming week.

Instead I opted to fish lures at drift while being tossed about, keeping a close eye on my surroundings. I was jigging and spinning, hoping to hit a few mackerel to replenish the bait stock that had spoiled when my bait freezer was unplugged, much to my horror. I’ll never forget that smell! Drifting around the small bay, I cast a Fiiish Black Minnow in every conceivable direction with nothing to show for it except one follow from a reasonable bass  that turned away beside the kayak.

Mixed haul

I headed out for deeper water but couldn’t get far for white horses and strong winds. After I started jigging I soon started hitting the very thing that my freezer was missing; mackerel! There were a few pollock in amongst them but they were all small. The only one that would have made a have decent dinner came off at the side of the kayak. I could have filled up the bow hatch, the centre pod, the tankwell and the cockpit of the kayak with mackerel had I been that way inclined but I stopped fishing after hitting a couple of dozen. I headed for shore and home.

It’s rare I would be happy after catching not much more than a few mackerel but this was the first trip out for me in a while, it provided a bit of supper and some much needed bait for some larger targets when the wind dies down.

A full house - return of the mack!

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