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Scotty Rod Holders

One of the most obvious additions to any angling kayak is going to be a rod holder. Some kayaks come with them factory fitted, some do not. I prefer rigging my own accessories because I can add them to specific sections of the kayak that are relevant to me. Somebody else’s rigging preferences may not suit my needs at all. With this in mind you will be looking at various options for rod holders and one brand that I can most certainly recommend are those made by Scotty.

Made from moulded plastic, the rod holders are rugged and very strong. I am still using one of the original ones that I bought after treating it to many years of abuse. The rod holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different rods and reels. I use and am familiar with the ‘baitcaster’ style which takes baitcasting reels and multipliers as well as the ‘rocket launcher’ style which I use to keep rods raised and reels clear of the salt whilst I am paddling from mark to mark. There are other models in the range which will accommodate fly reels and fixed-spool reels making a range that caters for almost every angling situation.

A Scotty rod holder in action


When mounted the Scotty rod holder allows for multiple positioning options. The mounts enable the holder to be rotated through 360° on the horizontal plain enabling the angler to position the rod where they want to. The angle of the rod can also be altered resulting in an adjustable rod holder that should suit almost every kayak anglers needs and/or preferences. Mounting options also vary greatly, giving the angler yet more options regarding the rigging of these rod holders. Scotty offer solutions to allow you attach the rod holder to almost any surface imaginable. I use a kayak where a track system holds all accessories and there are compatible bases that allow the units to sit onto the kayak with no drilling needed. For those that like to modify and DIY there are plenty of options to suit you too.

The 'Rocket Launchers' fit into standard flush mount rod holdersAny Scotty products that I have used have performed faultlessly ‘in the field’. I mentioned using the ‘rocket launcher’ style holder earlier. They can also be angled forwards to hold the rod for hands free fishing when anchored. I use the ‘baitcaster’ style for a number of reasons; they are great for holding rods when trolling, they are great for static bait fishing and they are very handy for holding a rod when baiting up or retying a rig. Once the rod holders are locked in position they stay there. I have not had an issue with slippages to date and I put this down to the rod holders being well-made products with an excellent and clever design. I’ve trolled for hours and never had the rods or their holders slip once. Another clever design feature sees the rod stay in the rod holder should a fish bite or a snag be encountered by ‘trapping’ it there with a small rubber flap that is easily operated.

Built to last and a great addition to any kayak, the range of Scotty Rod Holders starts at around €25/£20 and represent very good value for money at that price. They will keep your rod and reel where you want them when you want them and, most importantly, they will keep them safe. They offer a range of options for not only holding rods while you are paddling but also for trolling and static bait fishing too. Also, as mentioned with the RAM Mounts last month, Scotty Rod Holders are not produced exclusively for kayaks and I am sure that there are many products in the range that will also suit the needs of the small boat owner.

A range of Scotty products are available in Ireland through the Canoe Centre.

Scotty 'Rocket Launchers' can be seen to the rear of the kayak

By Gary Robinson

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