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Sakura ‘Postman’ Bag

A small, waterproof bag, the Sakura ‘Postman’ bag is well designed, lightweight and strong. Looking at the construction, the bag is manufactured from a light 600D polyester which should ensure that any items inside stay dry.

Ample room for the roving angler's gearThe three front pockets in ascending size are accessed through a plastic zipper system and the larger of the three is the perfect size for a couple of larger lure boxes. The two smaller pockets can be used for various bits and pieces that all lure anglers carry: forceps, swivels, leaders, wire traces, weighing scales, compact cameras, etc. A couple of the pockets also feature smaller, internal zipped pockets which are very useful for stashing a wallet or fishing licence. The side of the bag features a small, rounded pocket.

All zippers are well constructed and of good quality with added tabs to facilitate opening and closing, particularly handy on colder days. The bag is worn over one shoulder and the shoulder strap is adjustable to suit a wide range of angler sizes because, let’s face it, we’re all different! Featuring a quick release buckle, the strap can be quickly be opened to remove the bag for access to lures and tackle. The bag also features plastic D-rings and Velcroed tabs for hanging a net or other items that are needed close to hand.

The front pocket will take a selection of luresWhen on the shoulder the bag seems very comfortable and sits at the base of the back very naturally. It is well shaped and comfortable and gives no issues to the wearer when walking distances, casting, climbing, clambering over rocks and all the other associated energetic activities that the roving angler can expect to encounter during the course of a normal angling session. Access to the bag while being worn is very easy and at no time did it feel uncomfortable. Being made from tough but very lightweight material, this bag only gets as heavy as the gear that you put into it.

The Sakura ‘Postman’ bag is a small, lightweight product that will be very useful to the angler that likes to travel light and take smaller amounts of gear with them. Lure anglers that like to ramble will benefit most from its use. Anglers that like to roam a few miles of river bank in search of pike and perch, bass anglers that like to work miles of shoreline in a session and bait anglers that like to travel light to distant rock marks will find this bag very useful.

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