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Trident Rod Pod

One of the features that initially drew my attention to the ‘Trident’ series of fishing kayaks was the ‘Rod Pod’. This very clever idea features a hatch that runs down the length of the cockpit that can be accessed by removing a black plastic lid. Once removed, access can be gained to the entire inner length of the hull, making it an ideal place to store rods and other gear during heavy surf launchings and landings.

The Rod Pod cover is constructed from a rigid, injection-moulded plastic and there are recesses on it that will accommodate ‘Cannon’ or ‘Scotty’ rod holders, a couple of recesses for holding lures or other small items of tackle and there are many recesses designed to take screws for mounting other equipment to it. As useful as the Rod Pod and its cover are, I decided that I could modify the cover to try and make it just that little bit more suited to my needs. Click on any or the images for a larger, clearer view.


Drink Carrier

plastic bicycle bottle holder


Paddling can be very thirsty work and it is a sensible idea to carry water to keep you hydrated. The Rod Pod cover enables you to keep your water close to hand whenever you need it. I purchased a plastic bottle carrier for a pushbike. Most of the carriers tend to be metal but I figure that a plastic carrier will probably have a longer lifespan in a predominantly saline environment.


First thing to do is find a site for the bottle and its holder, a site that will not impede paddling or fishing. I am going to use the middle section of the Rod Pod cover for this project.

bottle holder installed onto Rod Pod


Line the bottle carrier up with the recesses moulded into the cover and then attach with good quality, self-tapping screws – done!




Chopping Board

everybody has a bit of old chopping board lying around


I needed a place where I could use a bait knife and not have it leave knife marks all over the kayak. I decided that I would use the end of the Rod Pod cover closest to me as I sit in the cockpit and use the mounting points to fix a chopping board to it. I used a piece of old chopping board that had been lying around the kitchen.

mounting site on the Rod Pod for a chopping board


The first thing to do is gather any tools that may be appropriate to this job and identify where you want to site your chopping board. Next, measure the area where the board is to be mounted. I’m going to use one of the semi-circular raised areas on the Rod Pod.


chopping board shaped for Rod Pod


Take your board, measure and cut to shape. Use a sander or sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.



line up both pieces


Line up the board with your Rod Pod cover and mark where holes need to be drilled on the board to accommodate screws.



the modified Rod Pod


Line everything up and use the screws to secure the chopping board in place. Feel free to carry out a similar project with your own Rod Pod. The possibilities are literally endless.

By Gary Robinson

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