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Making a Bait Chopping Board

Bait fishing can outscore lure fishing, especially in heavily coloured water where something with scent will outscore something visual more often than not. One drawback to bait is that it can be messy and will produce a lot of blood. That blood and mess has to go somewhere and usually ends up in the kayak.

To counter this problem I decided that I would try and fashion a chopping board for the Geartrac system on the side of the Wilderness Systems range of angling kayaks. The bait can be diced on the board and the waste can be brushed off the side into the water. The board also has the added advantage of keeping your kayak free of knife marks.

The materials were easy to source and the build took a couple of minutes; a project that is easy on time and may prolong the life of your fishing kayak to some degree.

a cheap plastic chopping board


1. Find a suitable board for the project. I used a plastic chopping board that I managed to find at a local supermarket. Any large supermarket of home wares store should have a supply of similar items.




board cut and holes drilled

2. Prepare the board size that you want. I cut the large board roughly in half and rounded the corners. In two corners of the board I drilled holes to facilitate some Yakattack Mighty Bolts. These will secure the board to the Geartrac system.



the finished board, mounted to the kayak

3. The finished article, mounted to the kayak. I may add another hole to attach a knife via a lanyard. The board is light, functional and saves my kayak from blood, guts and knife marks.

Yakattack items are available direct from the company or from any good kayak fishing retailers. I got mine from Hook1 and if you use the promotional code ‘Hook1Irish’ it will qualify you for a discount of 10%

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By Gary Robinson

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