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Harmony Bait Bucket/Livewell

I had wanted to get out and use this bucket on the kayak but the weather in the south west of Ireland had very different plans. It’s not that I didn’t try, I found a sheltered bay in the 65km gusts that only had a few white tops on the waves but I didn’t last long out there and came back in with my tail very much between my legs! A beach session seemed the far more sensible option after that!

Harmony bait bucket/livewell with frozen bait

Harmony bait bucket/livewell front pocketThere’s a really interesting item of kit that has come to my attention and is as applicable to kayak fishing as it is to beach or boat fishing. The bait bucket/livewell from Harmony is the same size as a catering bucket and features a couple of handy pockets and a shoulder carrying strap. The front pocket is large enough to hold a small tackle box for terminal gear and a few packets of hooks or other small items and is fastened with a zip.

Harmony bait bucket/livewell aeratorMoving to the inner section of the bait bucket you can find an insulated coating that keeps bait cool. On a six hour session the sandeel, crab and mackerel that I had with me stayed frozen. All that was required was the addition of a couple of ice blocks to the bucket. The ice packs also remained frozen solid for the duration of the session. No complaints there and no wasted bait – any leftovers were still perfectly suitable to go back into the freezer when I returned home.

Where the design of the Harmony bait bucket/livewell really comes into it’s own is when you look at the side pocket of the product. This houses a air pump which pumps air through an airline and diffuser stone straight into the bucket, effectively turning it into a livewell. The construction of the product means that without inserts it will hold water and make the ideal chamber for storing ‘liveys’ on the shore, boat or kayak.

Shrimp, sandeel and even a couple of joey mackerel can be held and transported within this bag and because there is no solid walls in its construction, it can be folded flat when not in use. I would suggest using a hard plastic liner if storing crabs within the livewell; sharp claws may have the ability to puncture the thermal lining.

Harmony bait bucket/livewell

For a well made and adaptable solution to bait storage and transportation, check out the Harmony bait bucket/livewell at the Canoe Centre.


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