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Fitting a Flush Mount Rod Holder

A lot of kayaks come with fishing rod holders factory fitted. Some don’t. Whether you want to add some holders or just add extra ones, fitting them is relatively easy.

The most unnerving thing about attaching a flush mount rod holder is drilling a large hole in your new or relatively new kayak. If you work slowly and methodically, checking yourself as you go along, there should be no problems. If you are not confident in your ability to carry out such installs, perhaps seek the assistance of a friend with more experience of using hand tools. One thing I would have to recommend is to not have a stiff drink beforehand!

You’ll need a drill, a hole saw, Stanley knife, sandpaper, a riveter, rivets, sealant and the rod holder. A marker and a ruler are handy to have also.

1 – Locate the site for the installation and make sure it is clean. The flatter the surface the better in this case.


offer up the gasket to the mounting area


2 – Place the gasket from the rod holder where you want the installed item to sit and with the marker, mark the outline of the hole to be cut to accommodate the rod holder.




the hole ready for the rod holder


3 – Using the hole saw, cut a circle out of the kayak. Using the Stanley blade and the sandpaper, remove the area covered by the marker outline. This should end up being roughly oval in shape.




add the rivet holes.....


4 – Offer up the rod holder and use it as a template to mark the drilling points for the rivets.




the finished installation



5 – Drill the rivet holes and attach the rod holder after applying some sealant to the edges of all holes drilled. The gasket should from a watertight seal but there is no harm in adding another with the sealant.



Now, go and fix yourself a whiskey or whatever your vice may be. You deserve it!

Flush mount rod holders are available in Ireland through the Canoe Centre.

By Gary Robinson

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