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Fitting a RAM Mount

RAM mounts are very easy to fit and can be extremely useful on a kayak. The mount consists of a flat disc with a ball protruding from the centre. This mount is attached permanently to your kayak with screws, bolts or rivets. For this installation I will be using bolts. ‘RAM Socket Arms’ then allow you to attach your hardware to the ball mount. This type of mounting system is ideal for smaller, lighter accessories such as cameras, fish finder screens, GPS units and other similar, small items that need to be kept within arm’s reach. The ball and socket joint that these mounts utilise give a 360 degree positioning at pretty much every conceivable angle. Once tightened up, the mount is very solid and will not move when your equipment is in operation. Click on any of the images for a larger, clearer view.

essential tools and hardware for fitting a RAM mount


Fitting a RAM mount could not be much easier. Firstly, gather together any tools and materials that you will need for the install.



bolt holes drilled for RAM mount


Select a suitable site for the mount, line up the RAM mount base with the surface of the kayak, mark the potential bolt holes and drill.



marine grade sealant forms a watertight seal


Put a small blob of marine grade sealant on each of the drilled bolt holes. A little extra sealant spread onto the area between the drilled holes is also a good idea. This will produce a watertight seal between the mount and the kayak when the installation is completed.


fixing a RAM mount with bolts


Line up the mount with the drilled holes and add the bolts. I have drilled four holes for this mount to be secured with four bolts. I add the bolts and make sure they are well fitting, without over tightening them.


finished fitted RAM mount

Once all bolts are added, leave the sealant to cure for at least 24 hours. Any sealant that seeps out from under the mount may be scraped away from the kayak once it has cured.

Most good kayak fishing suppliers will carry all sorts of hardware and equipment for rigging projects including RAM mounts. I sourced mine from Hook1 and if you decide to order from them at www.kayakfishinggear.com then use the coupon code ‘HOOK1IRISH’ to qualify for a 10% discount on your purchases. Their rigging and hardware section can be found here and the section with RAM mounts can be found here.


By Gary Robinson

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