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C-Tug Kayak Trolley

It is a rare occasion when you can park right beside your launch point. Sure, it happens some days but more often than not you are left with a walk to the water. To the kayak angler this means that the kayak and fishing gear have to be dragged along behind you. One item that makes this job easier is trolley and one excellent trolley available to kayakers is the C-Tug by Railblaza.

carrying precious cargo!Retailing at around £99 the C-Tug is sturdy. Made from strong plastic it has a few features that have made it one of the most popular kayak trolleys on the market. The pads that support the kayak are adjustable and can be tilted to all manner of angles to accommodate almost any hull shape. They are coated with a non-slip material which means the kayak stays put when you load it. Strong webbing and a high grade plastic buckle ensures that the trolley stays under the kayak when in transit.

The construction of body is also that of a high grade plastic and with minimal metal parts there is little worry of corrosion issues. The trolley comes apart in sections which allow it to be stowed within the hull of most kayaks when you are on the water. Taking apart and putting together the trolley takes seconds and requires no tools.

The trolley performs well on most surfaces. Shingle, concrete and gravel paths, grass, mud and even forest tracks with gnarled tree roots (I fish freshwater too) are no problem for it. Disappointingly, the trolley became stuck in the sand. It handled all other tests brilliantly but fell short on the sand. The producers do sell an extra kit to widen the wheels for use in sand but I felt that for the price the kayak trolley should be well able to cope with one of the more popular terrains that a kayak angler is likely to encounter.

The C-Tug doubles up as a great kayak loader for teh car

I know of a couple of enterprising individuals who have compensated by using empty five litre water bottles. They managed to fit them snugly over the wheels to spread the trolley’s weight better when on sand and it worked a treat for them. I have also experienced occasions where very rough and bumpy terrain has caused one of the wheels to work itself away from the axle due to excessive vibration. This can be somewhat irritating. What can be said very much in favour of the wheels is the fact that they are hard, solid wheels which require no pumping and therefore cannot suffer punctures.

All in, the C-Tug is a handy piece of kit and will definitely make most kayak angler’s days that little bit easier. The downside to it is that to use the trolley effectively on sand you are expected to pay for an extra kit to widen the wheels. I feel that the kit should include the wider wheels as standard and I imagine that the cost of the extras may leave a few consumers feeling slightly ripped off. If you can see past this, the design and construction of the final product are excellent.

By Gary Robinson

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