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Biwaa Swimpike

With the weather cooling down and the ‘summer’ on its way out a lot of angler will be turning their attentions towards winter pike fishing, among other things. Deadbaiting is always going to be a favoured method of mine for big fish but the rise on popularity of winter lure fishing cannot be ignored.

They just love the Biwaa Swimpike

The choice of lures can be dazzling and it is often said that many lures catch a lot more anglers than fish. This is undoubtedly confusing for the novice and indeed many a lure angler has at least a few lures in the bag that have just never worked for them. Last year I came face to face with the Swimpike from Biwaa and I must admit I was a little sceptical when looking at the lure. It looks very realistic, representing a small pike perfectly but it can always be the best and most realistic looking lures that just do not work.

The Swimpike again

Aesthetics is one thing, action is another entirely. A quick troll of the lure form the kayak showed me that the action on this particular lure is very realistic and knowing that many surveys have shown small pike make up a fair percentage of large pike’s diet, I was warming to this lure. The proof would be in the fishing of the lure though and the amount of fish it would account for – quite a lot as it turned out.

A small one to the Swim pike

Almost every day I fished this lure it caught fish for me. I cast it and trolled it from the kayak and it just seemed to me to be a pike magnet. It accounted for small jacks up to high doubles and a host of fish in between. It worked right through the season from me, from October through to March and I honestly lost count of the mount of pike the Biwaa Swimpike nailed on a few different Irish rivers. I would have absolutely no hesitation to recommend the Swimpike and although mine is well marked I am looking to give it a swim in a few more Irish rivers this winter.

Biwaa Swim Pike strikes again

The lures come supplied with very good quality trebles and the soft plastic tail and rear fins are replaceable with a spare set supplied with each lure. That said the fins on the lure I’m using took a hammering, they do now need replacing but only after coming into contact with an awful lot of fish and teeth. I don’t know if it is the paint work, the soft fins, the swimming action or the clacking noise the individual sections make when they come into contact with each other that the pike find irresistible. It could be a combination of the whole lot. Either way, this lure has hammered pike for me and I look forward to using it again this winter.

big pike on a lure


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