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Path to Glory?

I am eagerly awaiting the lengthening days. It seems that since Christmas my fishing time has been limited. I did manage to get out on Sunday though…….

Commitments that are not fishing related have eaten into my spare time of late. It happens but I am not happy with the situation! I think that to be a decent angler you must be a regular angler and once a week is most certainly not regular enough for me.

Against this backdrop I managed to free up some time, most of yesterday. I drove to a river I have wanted to fish for some time. High water levels meant that this stretch of water had been rendered unfishable for the last couple of months. Yesterday it was just perfect. The river was fining down, there was still colour in the water but it was starting to run a little clearer. I pushed the car through very thick fog to make it to the launch point, the fog only firing the romanticism of it looking like the perfect piking day.

I launched the kayak onto a small drainage channel that can be seen in the above image. Would it be a path to glory? This channel leads to the main river where I had hoped to do some damage by trolling some large, rattling lures. I was hoping to investigate further the Inline Replacement Singles by Cox & Rawle, using them on one of my lures, using the standard trebles on the other.

As I pushed upstream working the lures one thing that really impressed me was the freezing stillness of the day. Freezing fog barely lifted and with no wind everything was eerily silent. A small match was being fished on the day and I could hear them from a good 500 metres away, long before I could see them.

I am not going to wax lyrical about a day on the water that was ultimately unproductive. To be catching regularly you need to be fishing regularly. I’m not. I need to rectify that matter very soon. All I managed to do today was extend my horrendous run of bad form that has been hanging around for a while now. Since the ringing in of the New Year to be precise. I keep telling myself that fishing is not just about catching and the blank days make the successful ones far more memorable. It helps but only a little. The only real way to break this duck it is to keep fishing! One thing that did strike me was the size of some of the shoals of silvers that the echo sounder was picking up. I trolled around them but hit no pike so I may rest the piking gear this weekend in favour of fishing feeders for silvers…..

On an aside, one thing that did work to some extent was the trial of the replacement single hooks. Granted, I did not catch fish but one thing I did notice was that the lure with the trebles kept picking up weed that would interfere with their action. The lure with the singles didn’t snag up anywhere near as frequently and didn’t need to be cleaned anywhere near as regularly. Certainly advantageous when fishing over weedy areas.

A still, foggy afternoon


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