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All was going well. I had identified a likely looking area on the Corrib for targeting pike throughout the colder months that are fast approaching.

The next thing to do was to get out there and fish a few deadbaits close to some of the more interesting looking features that the echo sounder was returning. Yesterday was to be the day and on Friday evening I walked out into the garage to pick up my piking gear. Disaster; it’s sitting in a garage alright but that particular garage is in Wicklow and I’m in Galway!

That rules out a few hours of deadbaiting this weekend! In fairness, it is the weekend and Emma wanted to come out for a paddle too. Blessed with the patience that allows her to put up with some of my madder schemes, I still knew a few hours of static deadbaiting might be too much even for her.

my paddling partner and I are ready to spend the afternoon on Lough Corrib

We decided instead just to go for a paddle. There is a very large island in the area that I have found so we thought we would have a paddle around this and do a bit of exploring. I would be ever mindful of pike by keeping an eye on the echo sounder’s screen, looking for features that may be home to an old Esox Lucius. I also made it my business to pack a drift chute, a lure rod and a couple of lures.

I did manage to identify a couple of features and I even managed a few casts. Fish were few and far between on the screen but I did manage a few returns, bigger dots just up off the bottom of the screen.

working lures on Lough Corrib

The lures I was using could not get down to the depth fast enough and, carrying limited tackle, I decided that it would be a far better idea to return with appropriate gear rather than frustrate myself with an exercise in futility. Besides, it was a chilly afternoon and Emma wanted to keep on the move.

After paddling for a couple of hours, I had found a few more deep drop-offs and have further explored the area and it’s features. All I caught was a head cold though. Hopefully I can be reunited with my missing gear soon and the piking campaign can get well and truly underway.

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