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When most people have had enough is when we decided to start. With light well and truly gone we packed up the kayaks and launched from a Dublin harbour.

a small pollock caught at night

It was a calm evening and word had it of the possibility of taking some fish from some rough ground not far from home. I had taken along some ragworm and I was going to fish them paternoster style with the hopes of catching wrasse and pollock.

The evening started slowly with a steady breeze constantly pushing the kayak off shore. I deployed a drogue and that helped somewhat. Anthony Byrne from the Irish Kayak Angling Club had joined me and his option was to tie off a marker buoy.

Him static and me drifting, we proceeded to fish our worm baits in total darkness. The drifts were infrequently punctuated by the captures of small fish, mainly pollock with a few poor cod making an appearance.

Fishing was slow overall on the evening with a stuttering procession of small fish making up the catch. I had to leave the water to head elsewhere and on contacting me later he told me that more of the same to add to the tally and a sea scorpion.

As I paddled back towards the harbour I was able to reflect on the evening. Night fishing is a magical way to spend a few hours. Other senses are amplified in the dark and you can hear a lot more noises than you would during the day. Everything seems closer but you have no idea how close.

Night fishing is to be recommend but common sense dictates that you should only attempt it for starters on waters that you know well and always accompanied by another angler. Make sure you bring a torch. head torches are handy. make sure you check the batteries. It’s not nice to arrive after dark to realise the batteries are dead (like I did)…………..

another small pollock yet another small pollock! something different!


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