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New Year, No Fears

It was a particularly chilly affair this morning with overnight temperatures dipping as low as -4°C. A heavy frost had descended and the water butt that I use for aquarium water changes is a 100 litre block of ice!

New Year, no fear - even when heavy frost and ice are involved!I used the day to drive around and have a look at a couple of areas, some known to me and others not so. It always pays to keep an eye on the water and, besides the cold, it was a stunning day to be out. There was no fishing done today as this was just an opportunity to get out for some fresh air and blow away the cobwebs from the Christmas holidays; I’ll be shore fishing tomorrow evening and the kayak will get wet again this weekend.

I took an extended hiatus from posting and blogging for the last 12 months. There had been a few posts but they were sporadic in nature at best. There’s a multitude of reasons for this; the birth of my son, finishing my final year in a freshwater and marine biology Honours Degree, moving house and taking up employment. All worthy reasons in their own right to keep a man busy but not enough to keep me away from the fishing. I kept fishing, just privately for the most part.

My primary reason for taking a break from posting about my fishing adventures was the orchestrated and sustained campaign of online and offline bullying directed at me and initiated by an Irish kayak angling fraternity. There will be more on that later but it should be suffice to say that this year I will not let begrudgers or small-minded people hold me back. There were other contributing factors but we’ll leave it there for the moment, they can and will be discussed in the future.

I had some fantastic fishing in 2016 and I am looking forward to what 2017 will bring. I have the support of a fantastic partner who encourages me and pushes me further. I would also like to thank my generous sponsors for their continued support and look forward to ‘getting stuck in’ this year. Safe paddling and here’s hoping you all reach your own personal milestones rather than be distracted by the crowd in 2017. Tight lines!

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