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The spell of good weather continues, it was even nicer today than it was over the weekend. True to form Ireland once again experiences an ‘Indian summer’. So I went fishing!

Back to the river again for a few hours and I was hoping that the ‘Fish Gods’ would be looking down on me in some way. I parked up and got loaded up and was on the water paddling upstream within minutes. I was trolling a couple of lures behind the kayak and inching my way upstream in anticipation of hitting a few fish. Everything looked good and it wasn’t long before the bankside rod lurched over and I was into the first fish of the session, falling to a Biwaa Swim Pike again.

That splash when you let another one swim away

I paddled on and picked up another small jack. A spirited fish, he put up a good show but being small was easily beaten and quickly returned. Onward and upstream I paddled, in search of bigger fish. After covering around three kilometres of river the second rod doubled over and I was fighting what felt like a much bigger fish. This one took line from the reel, usually a good sign as I usually set the clutch relatively tight. A couple of hard runs and I was convinced I was into at least a half decent double. Imagine the language when I saw a fish of about 5lb break the surface, hooked in the side of the head where it must have tried to stun the lure by hitting it. He was soon off to terrorise the roach again, after a photograph.

Coarse fish shoaling upSpeaking of roach, it was very evident that the water temperatures are cooling and the coarse fish are shoaling up in the river. I saw huge shoals of small fish, most likely roach and perch, amassing in the deeper areas. A few small groups of larger fish were also seen, probably bream. I have identified a couple of areas on the river that seem to be holding a lot of fish and a few topographical features that should make for good ambush points for hungry pike feeding through the winter. I’ll be back to them for sure over the coming months.

It is too early in the year for talk of winter just yet though, especially on such a glorious afternoon. I fished on and claimed another couple of fish. They were both small but you don’t mind when you get a pleasant day on the water. Obliging small pike are better than no pike! For the record the Biwaa Swim Pike took the lion’s share of fish again today, responsible for three of today’s tally of five. Not bad for a couple of hours on the river. I think the next trip out is going to be on the salt for an altogether larger predator.

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