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More Paddy’s Weekend Piking

After having such fun the previous day I decided to go back for more. The fish had nit yet spawned and I knew there was a chance of a real monster over the next couple of days.

I headed for a different stretch of water and set about getting afloat. The tactics were to be similar to the previous day; troll lures behind the kayak and see what hits them. Paddling upstream I was fishing my lures very close to the marginal reeds in the hopes that pre-spawning pike would be lying there. There were plenty of jacks and in the afternoon sun I had great craic catching them one after the other on a variety of lures.

This greedy pike hit a Sakura Speed Minnow

The first jack hit one of the Sakura Speed Minnows. It was running at about one metre deep and I managed to pick out a few fish using it on the day.

One to the Sakura Shiner Minnow

The jointed Sakura Shiner Minnow in the perch pattern picked off a few fish also.

They just love the Biwaa Swimpike

The ever popular Biwaa Swimpike proved irresistible once again. It is becoming very well chewed at this stage.

The Swimpike again

Another one for the Swimpike

And another...

And another….

Sport all afternoon was hectic and I honestly have no idea how many fish I ended up with; I stopped counting on ten. The only unpleasant part of the afternoon was landing a pike that had a few leeches on her belly and a growth the size of a tennis ball on her flank. The wound didn’t look comfortable and I slipped it back into the water, aware of a condition that creates growth on pike like this but the details of it escaped me at the time.

A very worrying looking infection on one pike

I subsequently found out that the pike is suffering from Esocid Lymphosarcoma and can produce tumors in pike and muskies and is most likely of viral origin. Lovely!

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