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Missing Mojo

I have been doing a few shore sessions recently. With weather and time constraints it was impossible to get the kayak out so the next option was to fish from the shore.

When I started kayak fishing I got rid of all the shore gear so I had to get another bit in to replace it. That done and with the stunning Kerry landscape as a backdrop, all I had to do was get bait, turn up at the beach and catch fish. All of that has been easy except for the fish catching part.

I am experiencing what every angler goes through form time to time; it’s just not working, I have missing mojo! It happens to the best of us but it is not much fun to deal with. It’s not that I haven’t been catching, I have, but it’s just been a procession of dogfish punctuated with the odd mackerel.

Stunning scenery

I think perseverance is key here and it is just a matter of time before things pick up again. Every good session makes us forget about all the bad ones that came before it. I just hope that good session decides to rear its head sooner rather than later.

I figured that launching the kayak might make up for it and when a weather window presented itself, that’s exactly what I did. But with a calm morning and good company out on the lazy swell it still just wasn’t to be. Ray were the target but it wasn’t to be. Almost inconsolable I decided to head over to some rougher ground and chucked a few lures for the reliable pollock.

I didn’t meet any decent fish but it was a very welcome change from the dogfish! Here’s hoping Sunday brings about a long awaited change of fortune.

It's not a dogfish!


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