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I managed to get out and have another look at the river this weekend, in the hopes that some silver had started moving in. A glorious morning had to capitalised on so I headed into the countryside.

the tools of the tradeI had hoped to get this report up a little sooner but an unexpected visit to A&E in Galway University Hospital followed by an unexpected drive to Wicklow kept me busy for most of the day!

We awoke to a fantastic morning in the form of bright blue skies and a warm sun. This totally contradicted the forecast but who was I to argue. The best thing to do would be to get out fishing! I headed back to one of the Corrib feeder streams to see if the roach had yet started to run them. The plan was to get onto the water and use the echo sounder to find shoals of fish in the river. The plan would to then fish the tip, offering blockend feeders full of maggots with the same offering on the hook.

I launched and headed downstream for the lake, all the while keeping an eye on the echo sounder in the hopes that it may betray the presence of some fish. It did alright but when I put baits over them all I got for my efforts were micro perch! No sign of the roach just yet. I paddled the length of the river (as far as common sense would allow) in each direction but the echo sounder uncovered nothing other than small shoals of small perch.

It could be another few days yet before the Corrib’s arteries fill up with the silver I have been seeking. I’ll have another go at them in the middle of this week. I sure hope I don’t miss them!

Boats lined up along the Owenriff River

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