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May 2017

I had many plans for the month of May but life got in the way instead.

My partner unexpectedly had to leave the country for work leaving me literally holding the baby and striking fishing off the cards for nearly half the month. The passing of a close family member also saw me retreat from all things fishing for a while so, understandably, this entry will be brief.

one pollock on the lures for the day

I started the month on the salt looking for ray. The glorious weather was marred only by a prevailing westerly wind which slowed the fishing right down. A couple of pollock and wrasse hit the lures very gingerly and I only started hitting better fish when I switched to gilling real sandeels.

One of the smallest pike I have ever caught

A quick trip up to the Corrib resulted in one of the smallest pike I have ever caught. Rory and I were after a few perch but we didn’t hit any of our intended target species. We retreated for some urban fishing in the Galway canals to be outsmarted by finger-sized fish!!!

The wee man getting to grips with prebaiting!

Finally, I took the little man out on a bit of a preparatory session for tench and bream. He loved the smell of the groundbait. No tench were caught and the prebaiting turned out to be unsuccessful because with all that happened subsequently, I didn’t get the opportunity to return. Yet.

At least the mix smells good!

There are worse ways to spend an evening

To finish, I would like to share with you a video that has been made for Kuba Stan, an angler here that has recently suffered a great misfortune. Having known from childhood that a birth defect may eventually lead to the loss of a leg, what would have been a nightmare for most turned into reality for Kuba. His spirit in facing this down is nothing short of remarkable and his humour is refreshing at a time when many others would wallow in self pity. Please hep an avid fisherman get back fishing in any way that you can.

Let’s hope things start looking up for June.

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