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Little Fish for a Little Man

We headed off this morning without checking the tide. On reaching the top of the hill I could see that it was very much out so we turned around and went into town for a some shopping instead.

Double shot of little fish for a little manFollowing lunch and the little man’s nap time we headed back out on the road in search of fish. I have never much been into the mini species or LRF for that matter. I like fishing for something that pulls back a bit. That said, the congers made a holy show of me the last time out and I wanted to catch something to show the little man. I figured having a shot at some of the minis could be a great way to spend an hour in the outdoors with him.

I wasn’t going to use anything innovative or novel; just a set of small sabikis tipped off with tiny pieces of mackerel. There was a lot of colour in the water due to wind churning up the bay and the previous couple of day’s rain and snow running off the hills. The sabikis wouldn’t work just on their own so the mackerel added a bit of scent in the murky water. There had to be something lurking around the sanctuary of the structure of the harbour.

A little fish for a little man - admiring a blenny

The small blenny he was admiringIn went the rig and all that we had to do was wait. I put a sneaky conger bait out to the side but all it could attract was balls of sea weed. There seems to be a lot of it around so I’ll be launching the kayak on Sunday to get around that. The rod out for the minis was attracting fish and I missed the first bite before striking cleanly into the second to produce a double shot of blenny. A little fish for a little man! The fish were admired, unhooked and released before dropping the bait down again to have another go.

We fished on in this manner for a short while longer before Irish weather being what it is turned from relatively calm and sunny to sideways hailstones in a matter of seconds! We had a few blennies by that stage so it was well and truly time to head home. I never set out to catch tiny fish before but this LRF might have to be revisited; it’s ideal for a quick 30 – 60 minute session with the little guy.

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