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With a morning of light winds forecast I decided to spend some time on the water. The southerlies were supposed to build throughout the morning to peak in the afternoon.

A bruiser on the first dropThey got that wrong again! Undeterred, I found a sheltered bay where the wind would be blowing offshore. The plan was to do a couple of drops with a set of feathers, pick up some bait and then anchor up for some mixed fishing with baits on the bottom. That’s more or less how the morning went with a surprise bruiser on the first drop; a hard fighting pollock who’s initial run nearly tore the rod from an unsuspecting angler’s hands! Pollock are always fun to catch and a great start.

A couple of more drops and I had all the fresh mackerel that I needed for bait. Rather than using a lead on the bottom I switched for a Sakura L16 Shad and had a couple of pollock hammer that while the mackerel hit the feathers above it. This was great fun and I wanted to continue but with a 25 knot (46 km/h) offshore wind drifting was going to be out of the question for fear of being blown out to sea.

Fresh bait for ground fishing

I had attended a kayak fishing club meet the previous weekend where, in a world first, my inanimate drogue grew a set of legs and ran off. When raising this issue with a couple of the senior club members I was accused of fabricating the story in an attempt to cause controversy; sad individuals indeed. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really good guys amongst them but, as the saying goes, if you lie with dogs you will rise with fleas. Lessons learned, a line has been drawn in the sand and a new drogue has been ordered.

With nothing to slow my drift the most sensible thing for me to do was drop anchor. I started to fish baits on the bottom using peeler crab, mackerel and cocktails of both. Using the Ullcatch Bait Weaver makes an easy job of binding bait and the new and updated version from Inova should be well worth a look. Once again the forecast had gotten it wrong and I turned my back to the sideways rain and sat through it for a couple of hours out of sheer stubbornness. My stubbornness was not rewarded with only a few lesser spotted dogfish coming to any bait offering that I sent to the bottom and with rain gathering on the camera I didn’t even bother with photographing them.

Two hours of sideways rain!

I called it a day shortly before lunchtime and headed home. On arrival I was greeted by Emma who said she wanted to go for a walk. I suggested a local beach which we nearly got blown off but it pays to try to fit some reconnaissance in whenever possible! The wind has been a fierce deterrent for kayak fishing this summer so I have ordered some beach fishing gear and hopefully it arrives soon so I can see what a few of the local strands might throw my way.

Great potential for chucking baits from the shore

It has also been brought to my attention that a certain store assistant in a well known paddlesports store has been telling customers that there is at least a six month waiting list for Wilderness Systems angling kayaks in Ireland and that they cannot be got anywhere else. I beg to differ and anybody interested in a Wilderness Systems angling kayak can get them from an Irish supplier by following this link:


Some of them are at a fantastic discounted price and as with anything you may spend a large amount of money on, it always pays to get a second opinion from an alternative source. Lessons learned…


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