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I’ve been driving the back roads of Galway looking for a launch point with easy access to deep water. I think I’ve found it…..

a network of Connemara fieldsThe last while has seen me traversing the perimeter roads of Lough Corrib, passing fields that have been patch-worked together with dry stone walls. Lovely and all as the surrounding area is, it is not somewhere I’ll find pike.

I was looking for a spot where I could launch and soon be over deep water. Any of the bays I had tried so far were large and shallow – good bets for the spring/summer but now that the temperatures are dropping, I want somewhere deeper.

I parked in the small car park area that had a population of ducks wandering around, constantly looking to the ground for morsels to eat. I set about gearing up and getting afloat. The sky was a lot darker than it was earlier in the day. I was only going to be out for an hour. The light would be fading by then.

the ducks from the car park

I paddled out and much to my delight, within a couple of hundred metres I was getting good returns on the sounder. I had a good paddle about and I found an area with a few islands scattered about. The lake is narrow here but there are spots where the bottom shelves off from four to just over ten metres. A few other returns also look well worth investigating.

I’ve covered a fair few miles and a bit of water in the past few weeks with not a lot of fish to show for it but that’s reconnaissance for you. Hopefully the hard work will pay dividends. I also found another launch point not far from where I launched earlier. This should put me onto deep water too.

another future launch point

Have I hit the jackpot? Who knows? I hope that I have found a decent spot worth targeting for the winter and I am optimistic – I have baits thawing in the fridge overnight for tomorrow!

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