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Hit The Road Jack

Wind forecasts of thirty knots kept me off the sea this afternoon and I decided to have a look at some small lakes closer to ‘home’. Well sheltered, they are a safe bet in windy weather.

Ready to dragI parked up and got everything ready only to realise that I had left the trolley at home. I wasn’t going back for it at this stage so I was left with the option of dragging the kayak and gear through some forest tracks, up and down hills and over a lot of tree roots. Not easy but doable and in no time at all I was at the water’s edge and ready to go.

I wanted to throw some lures to see if some perch were about, perhaps brought closer to the margins by rising water temperatures and an urge to spawn. After paddling around and fishing all sorts of likely looking lies I remained fishless. There didn’t seem to be any perch in the margins so I decided to see if a change of lure might bring a change of species. I opted for the ‘Divinator’ by Biwaa. It did the trick.

Biwaa Divinator

After fishing blind (no fishfinder) into a smaller bay the rod arched over into a jack pike. The small fish put up a spirited fight but was subdued easily enough. Lifting it clear of the water it was clear to see that the fish had inhaled the lure. A bit of surgery had the pike free in moments and it soaked me with a defiant flick of its tail as I released it. A mishap where I mistakenly thought the camera was shooting meant that I didn’t get an image of this fish, unfortunately.

A jack for my troubles

just starting to flowerFortunately enough though I did manage a second jack pike and did manage to get a shot of it. Only marginally smaller than the first pike, this one also hit the Divinator hard but was hooked near the edge of the jaw. Like the first fish, away went the second little pike, none the worse for its experience. I decided to head for home to ready the gear for the days ahead.

I really like this time of year. The days are much longer, facilitating evening sessions at least a couple of times a week now. Extending days mean extending expeditions. The world is waking up too as green shoots appear in the ground, buds appear on tree which slowly become greener by the day and all manner of plants are starting to flower. It won’t be long until the summer is here and looking at the immediate forecast it looks like it will be fine for the next few days. This means that there will be at least a couple of sessions over the next few days to be enjoyed. Back to the salt!

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