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Calm conditions have, in typical fashion, coincided with starting a job! I still managed to get a short stint on the water a couple of days ago even if the fish didn’t want to come out to play.

A cracking morning was used to go and capture some photographs and while I was by the sea I figured that I would have to go for a paddle. I did bring fishing gear with me, traveling light with just a couple of rods and a couple of rigs. The sea was almost completely still. There were very small swells sweeping across the bay, remainders from the rough weather over the last few weeks. Without these small swells the sea would have been like a sheet of glass.

With small jigs all I was hoping for was a few herring. A bait freezer disaster resulted in the loss of a lot of bait the other day and was the source of one of the foulest stenches that I have ever come into contact with. Always keep an eye on freezer sockets for accidental unplugging! Lesson learned the very hard and smelly way and I was on the lookout for bait, should any be passing by.

I jigged in a few places on the bay but never managed to connect with a fish but with conditions like that it was just a pleasure to be on the water. I hope the conditions hold for the weekend. Salt or fresh? Maybe a day of each……

A great day to be afloat


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