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This area of the website will be used to give you a look at any tackle and techniques that I like to use in the marine environment. Here you can find an explanation of rods, reels and rigs. Supplementary to this, the most important thing an angler can bring fishing with them is the confidence to catch fish.

Brand names are not overly important, any good quality tackle that is made for the purpose intended should fit the bill. What is important is that the tackle and setups that you use are properly balanced to allow the angler to get the best performance from them.

One aspect that is very important regarding saltwater tackle and requires special mention is the corrosive nature of salt. You should rinse your rods, reels and other gear with freshwater EVERY TIME you use them. This will wash away the salt residues that can do terrible damage to any working metallic parts. A regular clean and servicing of reels will do them no harm either.




If there are any questions or comments you would like to ask me or if you would like me to cover a certain topic, please do not hesitate to contact me at kayakfishermanireland@gmail.com

a small selection of saltwater tackle

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