Kayak Fisherman Ireland



Fishing tackle can be a broad and diverse selection of items, depending on what your quarry may be. For every trip out I make sure I carry a small box of essentials.  This contains a small selection of hooks, leads, booms, fluorocarbon for snoods and leaders, jig heads and some bait elastic. With these basics I can chase a myriad of Irish species and I will use this section to explain any supplementary gear that I may use, as and when I use it. For the sake of clarity, the tackle can be broken into two sections;



As well as explaining some of the equipment I use to target freshwater and marine species, I can also explain any of the angling techniques employed to try and make contact with any of the aquatic world’s inhabitants;



a good reel is one of many items of tackle that a kayak fisherman in Ireland will need


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