Kayak Fisherman Ireland



Whether it is kayaking kit, fishing tackle or anything else that can be related to kayak fishing, this page is where you can find my reviews and opinions on equipment that should be useful to add (or not) to your kayak fishing arsenal. All views expressed in this section are my own and hopefully they can help you to choose if a certain piece of gear is worth adding to your list.

Kayak and tackle companies produce all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to try and make your day on the water more comfortable and manageable. I like to put any piece of equipment that I use through rigourous field testing, to make sure it stands up to the job that it is intended for. Use it hard and use it well is my motto when it items that you may be using. Irish kayak fishing can be a punishing environment and any kit that lasts a season or more is generally something that can be reached for with confidence. Follow my experiences with such items here.

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