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Whether this is an essential item or a luxury is up to you to decide. After having a couple of near misses with inattentive motor-propelled fishing boaters, I decided that this item of kit was essential. What is a VISIPole? It is a very clever device that has been developed by the team at Yakattack. It consists of a 48 inch/121 centimetre carbon pole that has a highly reflective tape at its upper end. A high visibility flag that doubles up as a storage pouch can be attached to the pole at this point. Just above this area sits a light that is powered by a trio of AA batteries. Sitting well above a seated head height on the kayak, this light when illuminated shines bright in a 360 degree radius, making you visible at night from all angles. The light emitted is ample for tying knots or baiting hooks in the dark. The flag ensures you are visible during the day.


The VISIPole is available with plenty of mounting options and if it installed in a sensible position on your kayak it will not impede on a back-cast when fly fishing. Since installing one on my kayak I have not had any issues with careless boaters.

The VISIPole is available directly from Yakattack and various other kayak fishing outlets. I sourced mine from Hook1 and you can order from them at www.kayakfishinggear.com. The item can be found here or you can buy direct from www.yakattack.us.

By Gary Robinson


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