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You’ll never get too far without a paddle!

Having come to kayaking as an angler and not come to angling as a kayaker, I used to think that pretty much all paddles did the same job. They were seen as nothing but a method of propulsion for the kayak and for my formative years as a kayak angler, as far as I was concerned a paddle was a paddle.

I recently managed to get hold of a paddle in the form of an Adventure Technology carbon touring paddle. The only fair assessment of this paddle is that it makes my previous paddles feel like iron bars! The carbon paddle is feather light and is a joy to use. Being of a carbon construction it is also incredibly strong, generating no flex at all when in use. This means that all the paddle stroke energy goes into the paddling, not flexing of the shaft, resulting in a far more efficient paddle in terms of energy expended and distance covered.

Adventure Technology carbon touring paddle

The paddle blade has an area of 640cm² and this generous size gives real traction to your paddle stroke, displacing more water than a smaller blade and hence pushing your craft further with each sweep. The incredibly light paddle weighs in at less than 800g/28 ozs and at this weight it does not tire you out. Lactic buildup in the arm muscles that can be experienced with other heavier paddles is generally not a feature of a paddle this light, effectively allowing the user to paddle for longer. This increases your range and, as an angler, opens up even more water and potential fishing marks to you.

Having tried the lighter carbon paddle I have to admit that it would be very difficult to go back to the old ones. I am converted!

Adventure Technology Paddles are available in a range of styles, lengths, blade sizes and shaft styles and should be available from any good watersports retailer.

Adventure Technology Paddles can be found in Ireland at the Canoe Centre along with a range of others.

By Gary Robinson


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