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Drift ‘Chute


A drift chute is a very useful piece of kit for the angler, particularly the lure or fly angler, to carry. A drift ‘chute is deployed in the same fashion as an anchor but rather than render the kayak static, it dramatically reduces the speed of the drift. Billowing out behind the kayak and beneath the surface of the water, this piece of kit effectively acts like a parachute. Using it has the advantage of allowing you cover water very slowly so you can work your lures or flies far more effectively and remain in ‘taking areas’ for longer periods of time.

Like so many other pieces of kit, drift ‘chutes should be available from any good kayak fishing supplier. The more industrious amongst you could probably make one without too much difficulty.

a drogue in action

Having had my drogue lifted at an Irish kayak angling meet (not cool) I was unable to replace it with the same type, they have gone out of production with the American company that was making them. I was able to source an alternative at CH Marine in Ireland.

By Gary Robinson

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