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An overview and explanation of any paddling and safety gear that I bring afloat. This includes both sensible emergency equipment as well as any luxury items that contribute towards an easier day on the waves;


Anchor Kit

An anchor is an essential safety item and a must have for any static bait fishermen. See what an anchor kit comprises of here.


Drift ‘Chute

A drift chute or drogue will slow your drift right down and allow for far better control and presentation when fishing lures or flies.



What to wear on the water. Both suits will work but the drysuit is by far the more versatile of the two.


Echo Sounders

Echo sounders will allow you to understand what is under your kayak, showing up structure and likely fish-holding areas.


Emergency Kit

Small items that are handy to have in the event of an emergency: first aid kit, head torch, signalling flares and other similar items.


Odds and Ends

A look at some of the smaller, often forgotten or overlooked items that can make all the difference between a comfortable day and a miserable one: leashes, knives, sun screen, etc.



This is the primary method of propulsion for the vast majority of kayak anglers. Try to get teh best and lightest model you can afford.


PFD – Personal Flotation Device

Arguably the most important piece of equipment , this one really is a potential life saver. Like a seat belt in a car; you hope you never need it but are delighted it is there when you do.



It helps you to turn, right? A look at the real reason a rudder is a very useful item to have fitted to the kayak, especially in windy conditions on open water.



It is rare that you can park right beside a launching spot. A good kayak trolley makes transporting your kayak a whole lot easier.


VHF Radio

A VHF radio will keep you in contact with emergency services should the need arise as well as inform you of any upcoming weather patterns to be aware of.



Be seen, be safe. A VISIpole will make you more visible on the water and alert other water users to your presence.

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