Kayak Fisherman Ireland



This is an area where you can have a look at the equipment that I use. It will include an overview of kayaks that I use and have used and their pros and cons from a personal viewpoint. You will also find a list of the kit that I carry on the kayak, from safety gear to emergency gear to luxuries. Supplementary to this are details of any rigging projects that I have completed. The vital equipment that connects a kayak angler with fish is their fishing gear and here I can also explain any methods, rigs, baits and tackle that I use.




A review of each of the kayak that I have personally used, a critical look at their advantages and disadvantages and their usage applications for fishing in Ireland.



From safety items to those little extras that make a day on the water more comfortable, this section takes a look at some of the selection of kit that I like to take onto the water.



A look at some step by step projects for modifying your kayak to take electronics, camera mounts or any other desirable additional accessories.



Kayak fishing requires fishing tackle. This section is an overview of some of the items I will use for the wide range of species and waters available in Ireland.



Kayak fishing in Ireland can be a punishing on equipment. This area features any reviews and appraisals of gear that I have used.



A small selection of fishing and kayaking gear

The opinions expressed are those of the author. Any instructional pieces are a view of what has worked for the author when undertaking personal projects and there is no doubt that each method and technique will differ from region to region and angler to angler. Feel free to utilise these ideas or not.

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