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After a long break from the water I finally managed to get back out amongst the waves this evening. A bit of survey work followed by a personally turbulent few days saw the fishing take a back seat for a few weeks.

Today I managed to free up an hour before sunset so I decided to get out and see if there were any pollack around. I was going to fish a small bay that had produced decent pollack for me before heading out to work on the herring survey. The breeze was stiff and the swell rolled in but not to levels that would see me stay ashore.

I rigged up a lure rod and with time at a premium I very much packed lightly. Tonight was purely escapism, any fish would be a bonus. As it happens, I managed a couple. Drifting close to the shoreline to cover rough ground in the hopes of teasing out a pollack or two, repeated casting and retrieval of the lures were met with the odd pluck from a fish.

Very occasionally the rod would bend into something small and the culprits were mackerel. Nothing impressive but it’s nice to catch something after a bit of an absence. A couple of very small pollack also helped to make up the catch but they were in a funny mood. Quite a few times I watched the lure return to the boat with a pollack right behind it. They would follow to the kayak and then just turn away. Frustrating but that is part of what fishing is about.

So no monsters tonight but a thoroughly enjoyable time on the water, even though it was just a short session. The salt. The fresh air. The challenge of fishing rough ground. The contact with fish. The fight. Watching them swim away again. The sights, sounds and smells of the marine environment. None of these things will solve your problems but they are good for the soul……

unhooking the fish

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