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The last week was a real treat in terms of the glorious weather that smiled down upon us. It’s rare that we get a dose of summer weather in April in Ireland, never mind Galway!

The view from the cockpit of the fishing machineI have been spending a bit of time on the water with the Thresher recently. The first couple of trips were for paddling only, just to get a feel for the boat in different conditions. The last couple of trips have seen the inclusion of fishing gear in an attempt to assess the boat as a fishing craft. A fellow student biologist had also expressed interest in having a go so what better time than a bit of settled weather?

On a work placement in Galway Atlantiquaria (well worth a visit for anybody in the area) I collected him in the late afternoon and we headed west to a beach on the outskirts of the city. I didn’t expect a whole lot of fish, it was more an exploratory trip; me on the Thresher 155 with a bit of fishing gear, Rory on the Tarpon 140 to get a feel for the sport. There are a few reefs in the area that throw up very good ballan wrasse and reasonable pollock and I wanted to see whether or not they have moved inshore in numbers.

We paddled about the bay and stopped off at a couple of reefs but we were unable to find the fish. All we used were lures, Rory using a Savage Gear Sandeel while I was trying L16 Koneels from Sakura. The lures failed to hit their intended targets and perhaps bait would have been a better option? I’ll have plenty of it out over the weekend! Fishless, we headed for shore. It wasn’t to be but a feature of early season fishing is that it can be very hit or miss. The fine weather has tricked us into thinking it was mid summer for the last few days, not mid spring! There were a lot of kittiwakes diving and feeding, presumably on sandeel, and hopefully it won’t be long before the fish follow them in.

The Thresher 155 is shaping up to be an all out fishing machine. The review of its capabilities as a fishing craft are to follow. All I’ll say at the moment is that this boat is incredibly stable of choppy water and every feature of it has been thoroughly thought out with anglers in mind. A couple of fishing trips with it makes it very obvious that a lot of thought and work has gone into this design……

a potential convert to the sport

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