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First Trip of the Year

The weekend had landed and I had hoped to get out yesterday but a combination of a late start and some heavy fog kept me off the water so I went for a family hike instead only for the fog to lift soon afterwards!

Today was a different story though and I set out from home to fish a rising tide on my first trip of the year in what has to be very mild weather for this season. I set out onto a relatively sheltered bay and started by trolling some lures followed by jigging baited hokkais and muppets. A couple of hours on the lures produced nothing over both rough and clean ground so a change of tactics was in order.

The fog cleared on Saturday afternoon but delayed the first trip of the year I returned to the rough ground and dropped anchor to fish a pair of baited rods. An hour over the rough ground saw no fish to any of the baits I was offering – whole squid, peeler crab and mackerel fillets and strips. With the wind starting to pick up and the water becoming rougher I knew that I would have to retreat soon enough but not before trying the baits over the clean ground.

Dropping anchor again when I had found clean ground with the help of the echo sounder I set the same traps and with my back to the wind I stuck it out for a further hour. Sense got the better of me after another hour, the highlight if you could call it that was dropping a fish that had taken the whole squid bait. I struck into the bite and the rod heaved over but became a lot lighter about halfway up through 15 metres of water. Time to go home then!

I decided to drive home the long way and took a trip over a couple of the mountain passes. I probably am a little biased but it occurred to me that Irish anglers must be some of the luckiest in the world. Even when we catch nothing we are generally spoiled with the endless beautiful scenery to feast our eyes upon. Even on a dull, overcast day the locality here looks stunning.

I hope you enjoy the video of parts of my drive home, my meager attempts at filming and editing do it no justice at all. I will try to catch the beauty of the passes fully in the future when the weather is a little kinder. Looking at the forecast though it looks like I’ll be rattling with the cold on next week’s adventure.

A day on the water is a good day, a fish is a bonus and a big one is a privilege. I make no apologies for posting about fishless sessions; they are a reality of angling although many do not like to admit it. There’s far more to fishing than just fish!



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