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Fantastic Weekend

It started on Thursday, a message came through asking if I’d like to head out for a beach session on Friday night. It wouldn’t be like me to say I didn’t want to go fishing!

After putting the little man to bed I headed out to meet Ian and he picked a venue and off we went. We stood through wind, sideways rain and hail with cold temperatures but to see plenty of bass coming in up to 8lbs more than compensated.

Saturday morning saw a little bit of a lie in but the little man soon ended that! I had to head out on the kayak to do a little photography job so I figured it would have been silly to leave the fishing gear behind me. I’d only have a short window so all I intended to do was fish for an hour or so, to use up the bait from the previous night and to chuck a couple of lures. With the bait well past its freshness it wasn’t surprising that no bites were forthcoming.

good fun on a cold winter's day

that sinking feeling after losing a monsterDespite the fantastic weather it was very cold once I ventured out onto the water. The lures were providing sport though, the usual craic – small pollock hitting them with gusto which always warms the heart on a cold winter day. Then I hit an absolute monster. I have caught my fair share of jumbo pollock but whatever hit the lure this time was truly immense. I could do nothing as it just pulled and pulled. I tightened down a little on the drag and within ten seconds the line went slack. I reeled in the slack to find the last eight inches of leader had been absolutely shredded on rocks – I was dejected and with light fading had to head for home.

A walk in the park with the little man

This morning we woke up and headed out for a family walk. We headed to Killarney National Park and did one of the walking loops in there. The wee man went into his backpack where he could enjoy a view similar to his mother and I. We followed the trail out onto a rocky promontory where we got a fantastic view of the lake and could see a couple of boats moving along very slowly. The speed suggested that they were trolling for salmon. I wonder how they fared out considering there have been no fresh salmon taken yet this year, a slightly worrying statistic with us already four months into the season.

Having finished the walk we headed off for lunch and to get the little man down for his nap, where he is now. As soon as I finish this post I am off to get the gear ready and think I might have a crack at another beach session this evening. Hopefully I happen across a fish or two.

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