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Having derived great pleasure from smashing the pollack and ray over the last few days, I decided that a change was in order. Winds for the day were a little stiff for Lough Corrib so I decided to have a look at the river…….

A cracking day saw me launch mid river and the intention was to make my way down as far as the weir in Galway City then turn around head back up towards the lake, trolling lures as I went. I had hoped to pick up some pike along the way but they were not forthcoming. A brief exchange with a couple of anglers using the same methods, albeit in much larger boats than mine, revealed that they were having about as much luck as I was. Admittedly, I think they were trolling for salmon but the general consensus was that there wasn’t a whole lot in the river just yet.

using the Ride115X, perfect for exploring a riverIt was a cracking day so I decided to put the fishing on the back burner and just have a paddle, a bit of an exploratory session. As I made my way downstream I passed a duck that had a pair of ducklings following her very closely. I don’t know if it is the same family of ducklings I saw a few weeks ago here but if it is their numbers have dropped from five to two. Still, two surviving offspring from a two parents means the population remains stable and that is something to be pleased about but the missing trio was a somewhat stark and poignant reminder of how difficult the struggles of life can be.

I pushed on and found an entrance into a labyrinth of channels that I could not pass without delving deeper. The Ride 115X is the perfect craft for such exploring and can navigate tight waters and still turn with ease. Following the narrow passage for some distance, it opened up into a series of very deep ponds. The echo sounder told me that there was very little in there at the moment but I would wager that when the river floods, fish will congregate here out of the main flow of the river. This is most certainly an area to be returned to when conditions dictate.

the view of the ruin from the riverFurther on I explored and I came across a crumbling, overgrown, ruined building that resembled part workhouse, part castle. Standing by the edge of the river, it certainly created an impressive atmosphere and one that I had to get a closer look at. With a dock right beside the ruin I would imagine that it may have been some sort of business that used the river to transport finished goods or import raw materials but I merely speculate. I must have a look into some of the history of the area to see whether or not I can uncover the purpose and function of this fine structure, now left to the encroaching ivy and overtaken by countless crows roosting high up in the structure.

I moved on, making my way back up river towards the launch site just happy to be out on the water and enjoying the fine sunshine that hopefully will be a feature of the summer this year. Although not a huge amount of effort was put into the fishing, it is always good to get out for a paddle and to scout out areas by observing and using the echo sounder. One very promising feature of the day was the amount of fry of various species that seemed to be in huge abundance along the edges of the river in the slacker water.

It didn’t seem like there was a huge amount of fish worth catching in the river at the moment but the amount of fry of various species present is a good omen for the future. I suspect the bulk of the fish have probably moved into the lake where it may be easier for them to find food and avoid predators for the time being. Ever the optimist, this stretch of water will come good for me when the time is right. Until then I will just enjoy the surroundings.

a look at the ruin from the riverbank

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