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I had not been afloat for a couple of weeks before today. Very high winds have lashed the west coast of Ireland as one storm follows another. The stormy weather also brought with it the birth of my son.

Mother and baby are both doing exceptionally well and we are all settling into life, changed for us dramatically just over two weeks ago. Things are hectic at time but we are settling into a rhythm at this stage. I joke that the baby’s car seat fits the rear tankwell of the kayak like a glove!

flat calm for the launchWith a beautiful settled patch of weather establishing itself this weekend it was a first opportunity to get afloat for me so I made plans. Newborns have a habit of undoing any such plans and after doing ‘dad stuff’ for much longer than anticipated I managed to get out while the young lad was taken out for a stroll in his pram. A quick stop to collect Rory and we were on our way.

Heading west we stopped at a small harbour and launched onto the glassy sea, heading straight away for deeper water. I stopped and chucked a lure a couple of times before resuming my journey to deeper water. After a freezer disaster we were light on options so jigging was the course of action with me chucking a lure around, here and there. The cold, still evening made for great paddling conditions and with a few layers underneath the drysuit I never felt uncomfortable out there.

After what seemed like a session that was going to end fishless, as the light faded my rod arched over into a small fish, probably a pollock or a wrasse. On reeling it to the surface I was able to see that was a pollock and definitely no monster! It was nice to catch him after a few weeks on land and it added a nice bonus to the day as it swam away to the depths on its release.

We decided to call it a day at that. The sun was dropping fast and we had no torch with us, though the moon is bright enough tonight to see a good distance over the water.

A small pollock today

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