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When opportunity knocks the best thing to do is answer! I’m supposed to be busy getting things ready for my move back to the opposite side of the country.

unhooking a wrasse

I have the date that my course restarts. I should be looking for a house for the year. I should be organising a hundred and one other things. I was due do some underwater filming for a friend’s music video this morning but when that fell through I figured that the most logical thing for me to do with the spare couple of hours that had presented themselves was to use them for some fishing.

A quick glance into the fridge told me that there were some leftover ragworm from a previous session. It was a little bit old but would be fine for wrasse, a species that are found close to home (on the east coast) and one I like to target when time is at a premium. With everything packed, I grabbed some sunglasses for the morning glare and off I went.

a wrasse before the rain

Launching from the small harbour area, my modus operandi was as it had been for the last trip. I paddled out to a marker buoy used by pot fishermen and tied off to that. Baits went down to the bottom and before long I was into the first fish of the day.

As can happen with these fish, another soon followed. That was followed by the rain; I should have left the sunglasses at home! I fished on for another forty minutes or so by which time I had exhausted my bait supplies. My final tally of wrasse was six before the bait was used up. No monsters showed up on the day but wrasse are a decent bit of fun on a setup that allows the angler to enjoy their power.

I am meeting up with Anthony from the Irish Kayak Angling Club on Sunday morning to fish an area not far from where I fished today. It will be interesting to see how we get on with fresher bait at our disposal……

wrasse - great fun on lighter tackle

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