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So back I was looking at the Shannon again. I wanted to take advantage of a flat calm river and try to target a small pier for conger, convinced that the area might shelter one or two.

First on the agenda, as is the case with a lot of predators, was to try to find some mackerel. When looking at the river a couple of weeks previously it was observed that there were sprat everywhere, the surface boiling as they were pushed ever higher in the water by what were most likely mackerel. What a difference a couple of weeks makes! Today was a completely different story. As was the case with the tope fishing on the east coast last week the mackerel were not easy to find. When I eventually located a few they were tiny.

Bait is bait and beggars cannot be choosers so I took what I caught, three very small mackerel, and headed for the pier. There were a couple of boats present and the plan was to nestle in between a couple of them and fish a mackerel bait close to the wall. With more time than expected used up on looking for bait I settled in for the last hour of sunlight. I lowered the mackerel down to the bottom and played the waiting game.

To cut a long story short, I hit one eel but unfortunately he managed to get the better of me. Fishing too close to the wall he made it back to the sanctuary of the rock work and I was suddenly stuck fast. I tried everything I could but there was absolutely no budging the fish, it more stubborn than the guy sitting above it on a kayak. When the line eventually gave way I decided to call it a day. Light was dropping fast and I still had some way of a paddle to get back to the launch point.

One consolation was the stunning sunset that I was treated to. If I get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight I might just sneak down for another go early in the morning!

a beautiful sunset to finish out my conger capers for the day

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