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Chilly Start

It was very cold last night when I was packing the car and I knew this morning was going to be no different. Still, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity so like a lunatic, off I went.

A chilly start to wake up toI hit the road early and headed out to an area I had fished before without success but I really like the look of it. Something was calling me back to it so I followed the call. The area is a fairly large bay with good depths of water (20 metres +) and has a good mix of sand and rough ground. Last time I fished it I went all guns blazing with the big baits and hooks and was handed a blank for my efforts. Today I’d use a little bit more finesse.

I launched and with the way the tide and wind were setting up the drift I headed for the far side of the bay to drift back and fish baits over a sandy bottom in 14 to 16 metres of water. Out went the drogue and two rods with offerings of squid, peeler crab and mackerel strips. All I had to do was wait for the bites. There were none after an hour and a half and I was getting cold and frustrated.

One of the day's many dogfish

Impatience got the better of me so I headed off to deeper water towards the mouth of the bay. The ground here was a little rougher so I dropped anchor and put the baits back down to the bottom to test my luck. I was well wrapped up but despite that it was cold! I had a spinning rod with me so I started to chuck a lure about just to keep myself moving and a little bit warmer. First cast and I was walloped by a pollock. Small but it warmed up a cold day.

The first pollock of the day

Just as I had it unhooked the bait rod started to nod and it was a dogfish. I unhooked that and sent fresh bait to the bottom and had another cast of the lure rod. Another pollock followed. Then another dogfish. then another pollock, followed by another dogfish. This scenario played itself out for the next couple of hours with me hitting fish every cast and drop and managing to hook and land most of them. I can’t seem to get away from pollock and dogfish but on a day like today they were very welcome.

Average size pollock for the day

It has been said that fishing in the depths of winter is the reserve of only a fanatic. It has also been said that a fanatic doesn’t even come close to describe a winter angler! All I know was that I had immense fun with a procession of pollock that ranged from small to reasonable and they certainly warmed me up after what was a chilly start.

The best fish of the day

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