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I was given a half day today and with a light breeze there was always only going to be one way that I was going to spend it. Off into Connemara with the kayak and fishing gear!

A small ballan wrasseLaunching onto the very mild swell I was very surprised to see the water at 19 degrees. I grew up on the east coast which usually gets the cooler water flow from Scotland and the North Sea but the west is fed by the warmer Gulf Stream and this is the time of year that it would be close to being at its warmest.

I launched from the small harbour and started hitting fish almost straight away, a plump little ballan wrasse being the first to fall to the lures. Like all ballans it fought well and I managed to spike my finger on its dorsal, nothing new there! Like most ballans it was also able to disappear fast with a defiant flick of the tail upon release.

A small pollock comes aboardPretty soon I had established my drift and using the drogue to slow me down and the echo sounder to look for clues on the sea bed. I fished on using small fish imitations on one rod, vertical jigging on another whenever the screen showed features worth dropping on. This tactic resulted in a busy session with steady stream of small pollock, mackerel and the occasional wrasse.

I caught no monsters today, nothing even remotely close but it is always good to get afloat and catching small fish is better than catching none, I guess! I did have the heavy gear out with me. I was hoping to use a couple of mackerel to fish for meaner targets but a lapse in concentration saw me leaving the house with the wrong box of gear and as a result I didn’t have the right hooks. Next time……

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